Saturday, July 12, 2008

A unit study about Canada

This was a fun one to put together - a unit study about our dear neighbor Canada. I hope that you enjoy it. It is amazing how little we Americans know about Canada. It really is rather shameful. But now you do not have to be ashamed any longer! Read the article in The Old Schoolhouse magazine and then have fun with the unit study.

Here's the link:

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daisylue said...

I was justlooking at your new unit study and I have a question. What is a fiddlehead?

Terri Johnson said...

Ha! I have actually never eaten them before, but they are the unfurled fronds of a young fern. Sounds tasty, huh?

Bonnie said...

Hi Terri - I can't wait to see the Canada Study as I am a very staunch Canadian imported here to the USA!