Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Remember to back-up your computer regularly

I have been so busy working on the class materials for our beginning homeschoolers' class that I have failed to back-up our main computer these last 2-3 weeks. That's not good because this morning this particular computer that I work on has completely frozen up. That means that all those classes that I have written and prepared for could be gone. Yikes!

Basically, I am on my knees praying today that we haven't lost all of our work from the last few weeks. That is a devastating thought. But God is good and He has a plan. I just need to make myself available to His plan, rather than my own.

On a positive note, I am compiling names for our drawing (see post from July 14th). If your name is drawn, I will notify you on August 8th. Several people have their names entered multiple times. That's exciting! If you would like to enter our drawing for an iPod Nano or one of two $150 Knowledge Quest gift certificates, see details in the post on July 14th. You could be a winner of 1 of 3 great prizes.

Have a great day! My computer guy is on the way, so hopefully my day will improve soon.

God bless,

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