Monday, November 24, 2008

Here are the winners!

Yes, we held our 2nd drawing and these are the names that were drawn:

Jill C.
Barb D.

If one of these names looks like it might be you, please check your email box because we sent each of these three individuals an email notifying them of their prize - a copy of our book entitled What Really Happened During the Middle Ages.

Stay posted to this blog. In fact, sign up for RSS feeds, because we will continue to post drawings and YOU might be a winner next time.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Just who WAS Good King Wenceslas?

We've decided that these giveaways are alot of fun, soooo... we've decided to give away the story of Good King Wenceslas to everyone who is interested. Tell your friends! This is an amazing story that your whole family is sure to love! You can download your free copy from this web page:

This biography is one of eight that is featured in our book - What Really Happened During the Middle Ages. Would you like to win a copy of your very own? Enter our drawing and you may be one of three winners randomly selected to receive a copy of the softcover book (not the ebook) delivered via US mail to your mail box.

Here's how to enter:

1. Click over to our website -
2. Read through the sales page and take a look at the fantastic illustrations by Darla Dixon
3. Come back here and post a comment about what looks interesting to you about the book
4. Be sure to leave us contact information (either an email or blog address will do)

That's it. We'll hold our drawing on Friday, November 21st and notify the winners by email. We'll also post their names for you here. So be sure to check back if you don't hear from us!

You may have noticed that we are also having a sale on this book and the 3 book series. Don't worry... if you DO buy the book NOW so as to not miss out on the sale and then win the drawing, we will refund the amount that you paid for your book including shipping.

Great! Leave us those comments and we'll look forward to holding our random drawing on Friday. Don't forget... there will be 3 winners!

Whew! It's been a whirlwind around here!

Three of our children have just finished 7 performances of Anne of Green Gables over the course of the past two weekends. It has felt like life outside of CYT ( has been temporarily on hold. But it has been a fantastic experience for our kids. I watched them grow in ways that I wouldn't have believed possible even a month ago.

We get a little bit of a breather, but they have each decided that they will, in fact, audition for the production of Narnia, coming up in just 3 weeks.

Here we go again!