Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh my, I'm so excited!

You all are amazing! And so fast too! Now, let me just clarify that I did not tell any of you WHAT to write in your reviews, but I am tickled pink by what you DID write! I am steadily adding names to my hat and cannot wait for the drawing on August 8th. I appreciate each one of you so much that I am already thinking about what else I can give that will bless all of you, above and beyond the 3 big winners. I'll be chewing on that for a little bit...

IF you are wondering what I am talking about, just scroll down to the previous post. We are holding a drawing for an iPod Nano and 2 $150 gift certificates. Find out how your name can be added to our virtual hat!

By the way, it appears that CBD reviews are not posted immediately, so keep that in mind. Your name is entered into the drawing whenever you let me know that your review has been written. And I am entering your name whether you comment here on the blog or send me an email. Either way of communication is fine with me. And several of you are getting your names entered multiple times. Fantastic!

God bless you all,


Kathleen Tice said...

I just left a review at CBD and Amazon for the Star Spangled State Book. It was fun and easy. Please add me to your drawing! Thanks.

Kathleen Tice

MeritK said...

These are long links so they may come out broken, but here they are;




Hope the reviews help everyone discover these great books! MeritK

nmelk3 said...

My comments are finally posted on CBD. Thanks for making such awesome products!


Kathy Aprile said...

Terri, Your books have been so helpful to me!! And we have 3 very happy children, who have greatly enjoyed using these blank maps to draw out "where" someone was, where soldiers traveled, and "what was in that area" on the real land, such as mountains, and to add in places we've been to, or other things we studied about -- agriculture, animals common to that area. Thank you for making these maps so large, so we can add things on the blank maps, and so helpful! And ... the rest is in my review, below here.
Am only sorry that, by CBD's rules I did not realize ..., it will be too late for your contest. Was trying to write it on July 31, so it would be on time. I'll try to read much more accurately next time. Mrs. Kathy Aprile, Elizabethton, Tennessee kasarhema@gmail.com

Here is my book review I had written on CBD's website:
The Blackline Maps of American History by Terri Johnson have been so helpful to me, as a teacher in our home education program! The blank maps have provided a great way for us to learn more than we would have, otherwise. Good geography materials and maps is such a valuable tool when studying history. We can draw on the copies and add much, because the maps are large enough to give us room to do that.
We've used them to help us learn the U.S. state capitals. We've used them to help us in learning, hands on, about the Civil War, as well as early American history, some of which I cannot find good, blank maps for! I am so glad for Terri's suggestions in the beginning of this book. And she adds much-needed, helpful information to these maps! This saves me time. I hope you will get a copy of this book, because you will find it will add much to your American history studies!
Am so glad she has included so many recent war-time maps.