Monday, August 4, 2008

Here are the names for our drawing

Yay, we are getting closer. We will be having our drawing for the iPod Nano and 2 $150 gift certificates this Friday, August 8th. Big day! We are so excited!

I have compiled the names that have been entered into our drawing and am listing them here below. I am not including email addresses for your privacy and security. I have many of your email addresses at my fingertips because you sent them to me or included them in your blog comment. I also have links to many of your blogs. So I am not really too concerned that I won't be able to get in touch with you if your name is drawn. However, probably your best bet will be to check back here on Friday to see if you have won 1 of the 3 prizes, if you have not heard from me yet to notify you.

Here are the names that are going into the hat:

Kathleen Tice
MeritK - 3 entries
Nancy (nmelk3)
Kathy Aprile
Kathryn (adventuresoflearning)
Bradley A. Foster
Judy Finkell
c hill - 3 entries
shannon (alto woman)
Brittany (teacherbritt)
Karla (fosterheartsathome)
ignite youth
Suehaven (Susie) Neubaur
coastkids - 3 entries
CC (C in me) - 2 entries
Suzanne in LA
Susan (gentle & quiet)
Michelle Winter - 3 entries
R Somerville
Kari P - 2 entries
Danielle Hull - 3 entries
kathie - 2 entries
Missy M.
jane bullivant
materursa (amanda)
nikowa - 2 entries
lisa (crazyforjesus)
susan - 2 entries
cyndi kane
Kelly Frohnauer
Heather Brianna - 4 entries
Donna Cameli
Brenda Howard - 4 entries
Carolyn Hinton - 2 entries
Rebecca Ponce - 4 entries
Carolyn Yohe
Dawn Brown
Dot Dittman
Dacia Foote
Sharon Horton
Kathy M
Sandy - 2 entries
Devriesfam - 4 entries
Lynne Botha
Tanya (the mom)
D. Sacco - 2 entries
Debbie Phillips
Tammy C

If you have left more than one review and I don't have that listed, or I have left out your name altogether, just leave me a comment here and I will get that fixed. And don't forget to check back on Friday to see if you are one of the winners!

God bless,


Anonymous said...


I had gone onto Christian Books and left a review but my name does not appear on this list.

Also, the only way to leave a review for amazon is to have been a purchaser of books. Unfortunately, I have not used their services, so was not able to review anything.

Kathy Miranda (Kathy M- review)

Dana said...

I reviewed the Timeline on Christian Book and then the Star Spangled State book (which is awesome by the way!!) on Amazon.

Dana Sacco and reviewer D. Sacco on amazon.

Thank you!!

Karen said...

I reviewed A Childs Geography on Amazon... this should be a link to it -

The Mom said...

I left a comment on for A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth. This should be the link:


Tanya M. Hepworth

Anonymous said...

Hi, I also left a review on Amazon for "A Child's Geography" and didn't see it listed. Can't remember when it was... been awhile! (Still love it though!)

Lynne Botha(missionarymom)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I posted 4 reviews on Amazon and on CBD. My name is devriesfam and we homeschool our five children in Prince Edward Island (land of Anne of Green Gables... ha ha)
Thanks so much, Terri. I really appreciate all you do for the homeschooling community! :)

Sandy said...

I left two reviews on Amazon for the "What Really Happened" books, and one review on... I think Christian Books... for the Blackline maps CD.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Terri! I left a review on CBD that can be found here

Thanks so much for the all the great material in the newsletters!

Tammy C.

Debbie said...

I left a comment at the amazon link to the complete map cd. our membership is under my husband's name... Courtlyn Phillips but the post was done by me. Debbie Phillips

Debbie Brockert said...

I left a review of the timelines on cbd, Debra (Nampa, ID):

Thank You,