Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are you brand new to homeschooling?

Don't let self-doubt, or lack of experience, rob you of the best first year possible!


All you need are a few basic "how-to's" and your homeschool can be up and running in 48 hours or less. Would you be interested in a class that will show you, step-by-step, how to turn this first year of homeschooling into the best year ever? And receive over $200 worth of curricula from our partnering companies to boot?

Here's what is included with your class materials:

Free Bonus Gift #1 ($12.00 Value) Teaching Less While Your Child Learns More from Living Books Curriculum. This step-by-step book will show you how you can use living books to provide a quality education at an affordable price. The book includes such things as an explanation of the Seven Keys(TM) and Six Tools(TM) of a Living Books education, an overview of each subject , articles on narration, living books and planning a Charlotte-Mason style education.

Free Bonus Gift #2 ($29.00 Value) Dive into the ocean with Ocean Habitats (grades 3-6) and Under the Sea (preK-2) Project Packs from In the Hands of a Child. Each pack includes a Research Guide about the oceans of the world along with hands-on activities to complete a lapbook about oceans!

Free Bonus Gift #3 ($10.00 Value) Get started in writing with a gift from WriteShop. Included in this starter package is a 30-page lesson sample from WriteShop I (grades 6-10), an 8-day lesson from our brand-new early elementary WriteShop Primary, Book A (grades K-2) and StoryBuilders Sampler containing creative writing prompts for all ages!

Free Bonus Gift #4 ($7.95 Value)Foundations 1 Bible curriculum (Extra Big Sample). We believe that God's Word is essential for our children. Real homeschooling families want to read, study, memorize and apply the Scriptures together. We'll help you lay a firm spiritual foundation for your children.

Free Bonus Gift #5 ($36.00 Value) TEACH magazine is giving away the Mother Enrichment Package to our class members, which includes two digital issues of the magazine, an ebook entitled Organizing Happiness, and the "Queen of Her Castle" MP3 audio for your listening pleasure.

Free Bonus Gift #6 ($15.00 value) Teaching Science and Having Fun by Felice Gerwitz - a how-to-teach science in the home ebook that makes science fun and doable!

Free Bonus Gift #7 ($12.00 value)The Internet Scavenger Hunt - Introduce your kids age 12 and up to the Internet using MotherboardBooks.com's Internet Scavenger Hunt. Kids gather fun and weird facts about animals and geography as they crisscross the Internet using Google, after setting it to SafeSearch to screen out the bad stuff.

Free Bonus Gift #8 ($5.95 value) Get Organized! Easy Ideas to Make This School Year Great by Cindy Rushton

Free Bonus Gift #9 ($10.00 value) Big sample from The Schoolhouse Planner from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. 31 pages of helpful planning forms, lists, etc.

Free Bonus Gift #10 ($10.00 value) History Not Backwards! from TruthQuest History. Kids are right! To memorize the deeds and dates of dead people is the backwards, human-oriented history we learned. God is Creator: Past, Present and Future. So, history should show Him and His truths in convincing action!

Free Bonus Gift #11 ($5.00 value) Fifty Famous Stories Retold from Yesterday's Classics. A collection of many famous tales of ancient and modern times; some historical, some legendary, that have delighted children for generations. Included are such well-known favorites as King Alfred and the Cakes and Bruce and the Spider. The stories are admirably suited to inspire the young mind with lofty ideals and to give a taste for the best reading.

Free Bonus Gift #12 ($7.95 value) Values-Driven Discipleship: Biblical Instruction and Character Training Manual from Values Driven Family. As parents, we tend to react to our children's misbehaviors and fail to address the underlying heart issues. Values-Driven Discipleship offers sound teaching and Bible verses that help you to focus on what really matters: getting God's Word from the mind to the heart, so that behaviors are changed from the inside out!

Free Bonus Gift #13 ($10.00 value) Units from Far Above Rubies and Blessed is the Man by Lynda Coats. The Far Above Rubies unit study is designed to train girls of high school age to become the godly women our Lord wants them to be. It is based on Proverbs 31:10-31, and is designed to cover all subjects for a complete high school education, including many suggestions for expanding into specialized areas of interest. Blessed is the Man is a unit study based on Psalm 1. It is designed to train young men to fulfill their roles as future leaders in the Christian community and to be protectors, providers and priests for their future families.

Free Bonus Gift #14 ($37.00 value) LightHome Sampler of Manuscript Penmanship and LightHome Sampler of Cursive Penmanship. These e-books from LightHome Publications includes sample pages from each of their manuscript and cursive penmanship books on many different topics. It also includes some pages with complete alphabets, some coloring pages, word search puzzles, crossword puzzles, Bible verse posters, and articles with ideas for P.E., geography and more.

Free Bonus Gift #15 (over $50.00 value) Selected resources from Knowledge Quest - to be revealed!

If you can believe it, there may be even more, as our partnering companies WANT to get their curriculum into your hands as you begin this homeschooling journey.

Find out more here - www.HomeschoolingABCs.com.

Are you a veteran, but have friends just starting out? Just pass along this web address to them.

In our next newsletter, we'll talk about Scheduling the Easy Way - A 5 Step Plan. If you still have some scheduling and organizing to do before school starts, you will want to read our next newsletter. Sign-up for our newsletter by sending an email to knowledge-quest@aweber.com.

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Terri Johnson

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