Saturday, August 9, 2008

Drawing will take place next Friday instead

Hey, sorry about that, but I had to scoot out of town rather suddenly this past week and I did not have access to my computer or blog while I was away. And that means that I was unable to conduct the drawing because I just arrived home today (Saturday).

In an effort to make sure that everyone gets a chance to view the list before the drawing actually takes place, I will just push it out to next Friday. The reason is that I need to make a mention of it in the KQ newsletter first, so that reviewers get a chance to make sure their names are on the list. I wouldn't want to leave anyone out.

Soooo... check back here next Friday, August 15th. And the winners will be announced at that time (Lord willing, of course!).

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mebegley said...

I left this review at I would like to be included in your contest. Thanks.
Here is a copy of the review.

What Really Happened in Colonial Times.

My children loved this book. History became alive and interesting to them instead of boring. They couldn't wait for this class to start. I hope your children love it as much as mine did. This makes homeschooling easier.