Monday, March 23, 2009

Just 9 More Days...

After much anticipation, lots of research and hard work, we are so excited to unveil our brand new class - Upper Level Homeschool - on April 1st.

This class is designed especially for parents of high schoolers and middle schoolers who are thinking about homeschooling all the way through. It covers everything that you will need to know to start your teens off right and keep them on track from grades 9-12.

The first few lessons will thoroughly discuss:

Mapping a 4 Year Course of Study
Designing a Course for High School Credit
Outsourcing Difficult Subjects
Keeping and Maintaining a Transcript
Developing Good Study Skills

The class then goes on to teach how to prepare for SAT/ACT tests, timed essays, CLEP testing, dual credit, preparing for college, applying for financial aid, and so much more...

Every parent of a homeschooled middle or high school student will benefit greatly from this course. Stay posted for the link on April 1st.

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