Thursday, March 26, 2009

In just 6 days...

In 6 days, we will be unveiling our brand new class for parents of homeschooled teens. I cannot wait to share this with you! I've been working diligently on one of the lessons this week - Developing Good Study Habits. This is essential for your teen as he progresses through his high school and college years.

There are three parts to time management:

1. Organizing your stuff - if you don't have to look for it, you will waste less time!
2. Using your time efficiently - we all have just 24 hours in a day and how we use them will make all the difference in the world (setting aside a good number for sleep, that is).
3. Training your brain - by nourishing, resting and training your brain, you will be able to tap more out of it.

Next Wednesday, April 1st, we'll open up our class. It will run for 13 weeks, so if you enroll next Wednesday, you'll be wrapping it up by the end of June. This is perfect timing if you have a child in high school or about to begin high school.

JoJo Tabares has been working on our College Preparation lesson and let me tell you... it is jam-packed! This material is really solid and very step-by-step.

I'm excited!

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