Sunday, October 26, 2008

We held our drawing

Yay! We have our three winners from our drawing for the book entitled What Really Happened in Colonial Times. They were so excited!

Donna in NC wrote, "Wow! Awesome! Thank you! This has made a wonderful surprise for me today... I just LOVE good children’s literature!"

Cindy L in Ohio wrote, "Thank you SOOO much! My kids will be so excited!"

Amber in BC, Canada wrote, "Wow Terri, I am so excited! Thank you again for the excellent gift!!!"

Wow, this is so fun to do. Stay posted to this blog because we'll give away another book next month. I am so excited. Well, ladies, enjoy your books! They will be sent to you next week. And I thank the rest of you for entering our drawing and hope that you will enter next month and win the prize.

God bless,


Julia Mapes said...

Hi Terri,
I'm disappointed that I didn't win the book, time:)

I think I told you that we were reading A Child's Geography II while my husband was in Israel. Well, he brought us back some pics of bedouins AND a beautiful wall map of Israel during Jesus' time. Is is wonderful and full of the history of the area. I was so excited and thought about you when he gave it to us!
Thanks again for the maps & books!
Julia Mapes

Anonymous said...

My husband and I always talk about how true history isn't being taught in schools. I am so looking forward to reading the sample biography and hope to be able to purchase complete books from you very soon.
Andrea, MI