Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colonial Book Giveaway!

This week, we decided to have a sale on our What Really Happened in Colonial Times book of historical biographies. In thinking about the holidays and Thanksgiving coming up next month, our minds turn to the events of our founding forefathers. So, we want to get this book into your hands at a price that you can afford.

Then we got to thinking... that it would be fun to give away a few copies as well - yes, the printed books (not ebooks). So, if you would like to enter our random drawing, just click over to the webpage above, take a look around and then come back here and leave a comment. In your comment, mention something that interests you about the book or the webpage and be sure to include your email or blog address so that we can contact you if your name is drawn.

We'll post the winners on Friday - there will be 3 of them! So check back here if you haven't heard from us.

If you do purchase the book this week because of the great sale price AND then find out that you are a winner in our drawing, we'll just refund the amount that you paid (including shipping) and send the book to you through the mail. That way, you don't miss out on the sale while you wait.

And giving away stuff is alot of fun. We think we'll make a regular habit of it. So you might want to include this blog in your RSS feeds so that you can stay posted.

Have an excellent week!



SuperAngel said...

The thing I like best about it is that it is about Colonial times and that is one of my MOST favorite periods! It would be so neat to win this!
I am definitely adding you to one of my readers! :)
And I blogged about your giveaway for you:

Miss Amanda

Laura said...

Hi Terri,

We love the Colonial Times and everything that happened to found our nation. We are studying American History this year and this would go great with our study. I am always looking for real books to go along with our curriculum. Thanks for this wonderful series. Have a blessed week!

Laura Dawson

Lisa said...

I have three children ages 9-14 who I think would enjoy this take on Colonial history. Also, my husband is an avid fan of British naval history and would enjoy reading the chapter by Andrew Boynton. Thanks for helping to make history exciting!

Lisa Scott
Ancient Wisdom for Today's Families

Angie said...

We have read sample biographies from this series and were completed taken in by the wonderfully written stories. Read aloud is a big part of our school days and we would be thrilled to win a copy of this book. Thank you for all of your quality products and occassional freebies.
Angie Pfleiderer

Debby S said...

I really like learning history through stories. In school, when history would be sooooo boring, I'd comment on some story I'd read about the character (I was a voracious reader) and other students would say they wanted to learn history the way I had. Good books are the answer!

Debby S

Anonymous said...

We are just about to embark on the colonial time period. Learning the real stories through biographies sounds like a fun way to learn about our American Heritage. Count us in. We start on our Colonial studies Wed. !


Jeremiah & Stephenie said...

The pictures on the website were beautiful. This sounds like an exciting book that would keep my 5 children interested and make that period "come alive" for them. I would love to win a copy of this book!

Podcastin' Cyndi said...

I have been such a failure at interesting myself and my kids in history......I'm thinking that if we read something like this that made history come alive that I might finally find the secret of making history interesting. I hope I win! If I do, my email is

Thanks for your passion for history and your generosity!

Betsy said...

I love this time period!

This sentence: "Illustrated with stunning portraits, this inspiring compilation of stories describes with historical accuracy and age-appropriate content", is what really makes me want it!!

Email in profile.

Paulette Olah said...

My family and I just went on a vacation last month. One of our stops was Jamestown VA. We heard an excellent historian there who was in character as John Rolfe, the husband of Pocahontas. He was excellent! I would love to win this book to read more with my kids and reinforce the things we saw and heard. I also love the pencil artwork of the different historical figures on the website!


Lori said...

I love books that make history come alive. History is my favorite subject as a mom!

Anonymous said...

We would love to win your Colonial Book. I think It would be great to add to our Homeschooling.

Traci said...

The sample of Pocahontas is so interesting. Much better than reading out of a textbook. It makes her feel real and the story comes alive. Thanks.
Traci Johnson

Tammi said...

I love teaching using real "living" books. Biographies have been one of my favorite types of books to read since I was a child, and I am passing that love onto my children.

I especially enjoy using biographies while I am teaching history, what a great way to learn by seeing history though the eyes of someone who lived it.

In the past I have read some of the excerpts from your books and have enjoyed them throughly. Thank you for this opportunity to try to win this book.


Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to find short biographies in this age range. The children feel like they are getting off easy reading something they really enjoy! The illustrations are simiple and encourage the children to try them for themselves.


Beth said...

I love teaching and reading history, and doing so through story and biography is always the most exciting way to go about it. This book (and whole series!) looks great. And it would be perfect timing to use with my daughter in the next year or two. I would love to win a copy!


tami said...

WOW ! I read the chapter and it was as if I was there experiencing it all with Pocahontas !!! This is exactly like the vintage books I gobble up when I find them...our 5 and 7 year old like to have them read to them ALMOST as much as I love to to read them ! Only problem is that I struggle to not read ahead..... 8-)A definate to have . Thank You !!!!

Anonymous said...

Your site sounds so interesting. I wish I had discovered it while I was teaching my 13 kids. I'm now on my last one and helping with my grandkids. I downloaded the sample and it looks very interesting. I would love to win one of these books!
Kathy Seppala

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that i read the sample bio. and loved it. I have 3 girls ages 9-13they will love the book and I an interested in getting the rest of the series.

thanks for your hard work


Anonymous said...

Your history books all look great, but we really like the Colonial period. Especially since our trip to Williamsburg. Our family enjoys real books compared to dry text books and this would be a great addition to our collection.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I love history and to be honest, sometimes I judge a book by it's cover and the cover is really cool.
I would love to have one of these books.

Lou (watalulu)

Kim Corser said...

My family and I love your other biography collections of ancient times and the Middle Ages, so the colonial times collection will be a must-have for us! In looking over the subjects for the book, I'm especially pleased with the number of women featured. In studying the colonial period through school, my teachers only focused on the men of the time. (The only woman ever mentioned was Betsy Ross.) So, thank you so much for giving your readers the opportunity to learn about important women of the colonial era!

Kim Corser

Mamalion said...

We love history, (and your Blackline Maps too!) and this looks interesting. The Borderline games look like fun too.

Della said...

This book is super! We've been studying the colonial times and recently Indian roles in this time, so that Pocahontas selection was a real treat. I love the "living" text and to see that it was written by a young homeschooler just made it even more special. I'd love to sit this one on my shelf! Thank You!
Della Davis

Martha said...

His story is so touching and encouraging!

Laura said...

These stories are exactly the kind of living literature that my 7 year old daughter loves most. I have already read the Pocahontas selection, and she is looking forward to reading it when school is over today! We look forward to reading the rest of the stories, as the lively and immediate style in which they are written is engaging and eminently readable.

Thank you,

Sylvia said...

I would love to win this book about Colonial Days. Read alouds and living books are our favorites. My son really loves biographies because they are real and not just a made up story. Thanks!

Lesa said...

I love the Colonial Period, it is my favorite part of American history. The illustrations on the page are fabulous and I think it is very generous of you to donate part of the sales to the Friedrich's Ataxia research.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading the story about Tracey and Andrew and must say that I was really touched. I had never even heard of that condition. They will be a testimony to many of their faithfulness to God. May God bless and comfort them each day.

I too would like to win the Colonial Times book, we are studying American history this year and it would be a great addition to our small library of history books.


Anonymous said...

My children love to read books with interesting stories about people from history. The art on your website is beautiful. kotabel at verizon dot net

Sandy said...

I love the Ancient Times stories, and the pictures are lovely! We'd love to have a copy of Colonial Times for next fall!

Anonymous said...

The site here looks great. I also do love History and would love to read/win, this particular book about Colonial Times.I Am excited to see a young man was able to publish his writing on the subject. And is working on publishing a different book also. How great. One of my sons is working on writing a novel right now also, with the help of a novel writing curriculum. He hopes to publish a book someday.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to have living books to teach history, instead of boring textbooks or worse--history rewritten without the faith of our forefathers. THANK YOU for this book and that it covers several women! We don't have enough books about the incredible helpmeets that have enabled husbands to make history.

Kristin said...

This book sounds wonderful! I was so inspired after reading the article about the young author with FA. I would especially enjoy reading his contribution. Thanks for doing this Terri!


Laura Lou said...

My daughter, age 10, enjoyed the rich sample story of Pocahontas so much she begged, "Where's the rest of the book?"

I was so sad to tell her that I could only afford the free download, but we put this book on our list for next year's purchases. It would be such a hoot to surprise her with it!

We purchased 'What Really Happened in the Middle Ages' last year, and if the contents of this one is even comparable, it will be a joy to read as well as informative, which is the very best combination for a living-books home education!


Dawn said...

I read the sample of Pocahontas, and I loved how it was written in story format. History is one of our favorite subjects for my 6 and 12 year old. My youngest, 5years old, just likes reading together. My kids love nothing better than to snuggle up on the couch and read together, and I love finding interesting books that will teach them something as well as entertain them. I also liked the drawing in the sample, they really help the story come to life even more for the kids. Of course, I hope we win a free copy of the book, but I'm glad I saw it even if we don't. I would have overlooked what seems to be a great book, and we'll be looking into the other two books in the series for next year! I can be reached at

Dawn Kitchens

Nancy Turner said...

Since reading Felicity's story in the American Girl series to my then 5 year old daughter, and traveling to Colonial Williamsburg, we have been very interested in that period of history. She's now 8 and we are studying American History for "real" in school. We've already read about Sara Noble and are in the midst of "Johnny Tremain". What a priceless gift, to have true stories to add to our library. I was intrigued by the other titles in the series as well. THanks for your efforts to spread the word and offering such great resources.

Anonymous said...

We have the Ancient and Middle Ages already and will add this title as well. We have used so many of your wonderful products - thank you!

Connie in Colorado

cew at mywdo dot com

Anne said...

We love the Middle Ages book of biographies and would love to have the Colonial as well. We are studying Am. History this year and this would be a great addition to our core.
Thanks for offering such great products.

Holly and little people said...

I like how you bring history to life in the words and the pictures you choose and I also like the options you give for ebook or printed books. I look forward to sharing the stories of our nations early years with my kids.

Anonymous said...

We'd love to get this book! Our family enjoys history very much and we live overseas, so new books are sometimes hard to find. Thanks for offering the give-aways!

Anonymous said...

I just loved the Colonial times! Thanks for such a great giveaway

princynikowa at gmail dot com said...

It would be interesting to see if there is something I haven't read about anywhere else. I love reading about history and especially about those people that are not as well known. My daughter loves anything about the colonial time period and would also enjoy reading this book.

Tracy said...

Thank you for giving us such a beautiful look at history. The lives are woven together as rich tapestry of enduring love and hardship spread out before us so beautifully. It allows us to look back and relate to, emulate or learn from the lives that have gone before us. We all are, just a little bit richer after learning more about history and what a perfect time to learn about that of our founding families of this great country America. May God bless her and protect her.


Anonymous said...

I am particularly interested in this give away as we have enjoyed your products in the past and are just entering into a study of the colonial period.
thanks for the opportunity!
Kirstin Rothfuss

Anonymous said...

I like the chronological layout of the WRH books--they'd be easy to coordinate w/ other hist curric. And I always love the friendly, conversational tone of the writing on the KQ webpage.

Aubrey Lively

Patrice Atwell said...

I would love to get a copy of this book since I am soooo discouraged with the current book we are using for history. I'm use to a Charlotte Mason type approach to history and the book I bought for my younger children is way too much like a textbook. I don't think my children are retaining anything!

After looking over this book, I'm thinking I could use it in conjuction with your maps & timeline figures (which I already own) and maybe throw in a lapbook of some kind.... hmmm I think I've just talked myself into getting this no matter what! :)


Bonnie said...

Love your website and materials! Wish I could afford all of them . . . hoping to be a winner in the drawing! Absolutely love the sample Guttenburg bio - have it scheduled to read this week to the girls!

lcourtneymom said...

I would love to win this. We are going to supplement our history studies this year with some study of colonial times and this would be perfect.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Leah Courtney

Sherry said...

We studied colonial history last year, but review is good! This is a great offer.

Connie said...

I love how this book uses stories, instead of dull, textbook narrative, to teach history. This is the type of history children will enjoy and remember. The illustrations are marvelous too!

Anonymous said...

My children and I love to read about real people in history. What Really Happened in Colonial Times looks like an exciting book, including people I'm not sure I know about. Please enter me in the giveaway:)


Funkee Mommee said...

I LOVED the Pochantas chapter! The history really comes alive! I read it to my almost 8 year old son and he just sat there, entranced, waiting for more. Even our 4 year old was interested!

Thank you for the sample! We hope to read more of your work very soon!!

Shanna said...

Oh, we're studying early American History this year so this book would be perfect! I would especially like the illustrations mentioned. Most of the books we have are more geared for younger students and have more cartoon drawings. Thanks for the contest!

Sharon said...

I was looking for something to do with my girls with regard to early American history and this sure fits the bill. I loved the black and white drawings of the various people from the book that you had on the website. Thank you for your generosity in giving 3 copies of this book away!


Jennifer said...

Oh this is such an important time period in American History - I never enjoyed history growing up but it is so interesting now! I'd love a copy of the book!!!

Anonymous said...

This would be perfect for our homeschool since we are studying Early American History, as well as a Christmas Unit on Christmas in Colonial Times. Thanks for posting this giveaway!

Heather L.

Donna said...

Hey Terri!
What spoke to my heart the most was reading about Tracey and Andrew Boynton. Wow! What a precious family!
You see, as a mom of a severely handicapped son myself I can totally relate with Tracey. I praise the Lord Andrew's mind is not affected by this. He sees his prayers and hard work coming to fruition. What an awesome young man! I look forward to reading the book as part of our future Colonial studies. It would be awesome to win one! :o)
In Christ, Donna Sweet <>< *

CindyL said...

Terri, I have appreciated being on your email list so much. In every single email, I find something useful! My 8 and 10 year olds love biographies and we're doing American History this year, so a copy of this book would be a perfect match. I printed out the sample to read to them tomorrow. We're finishing up the explorers and will be delving into the Colonial period very soon.

Blessings to your family!

kimpecov said...

This looks like something my oldest would LOVE to read! He is a history buff!
thanks for making this offer available!
s underscore impecoven at yahoo dot com

Skylark said...

Although we live in New Zealand, we plan to study American History because of the major impact America has had and continues to have on the rest of the world - historically, economically, socially, and politically. We are particularly interested in early American history and in learning about the values your country was founded upon. So we would love to win What Really Happened in Colonial Times and are keen to check out the rest of the What Really Happened series since we've just discovered it :-). Based on what I've read on the website, I thank you for your great work in making history come alive!

Anonymous said...

This book would fit right in with what I am teaching my grandson right now. We are studying American History. I am trying to get him interested in the history of this great country. Having a book about "real" people (he does not like fiction) would make it a lot easier. Thanks so much!

Karen said...

This is a great time of the year for this offer. I would love to read this book to my children. It looks fantastic. I love living books!


Michelle---( said...

My son and daughter enjoy reading about the colonial period, so I think they'd like this book. One thing I found to be refreshing was the number of women included in the chapters. Oftentimes, colonial history focuses only on the important men of the time; it's great to see a balanced presentation.

Laura O said...

I love having great biographies for the kids to read for whatever time period we are studying. We own the Middle Ages book and are going to be using that this year. But, how fantastic it would be to have the Colonial Times one here to use when we study American History next year :o)

Shannon said...

I'm not sure where you wanted us to "comment" so I'll do both... (you're doubly worth it, Terri! ♥ ). I love your "what really happened" series... and my son loves biographies - AND we're learning about the colonial times (well, our side of the border anyhow) right now!!! How perfect is that? *grin*
Be so blessed!

mlunsford said...

I am just finding out about "living books" this year and loving the real learning that takes place and the excitement we both have for the subjects studied this way. I am very interested in re-creating an authentic harvest feast and would love to win this "living book" to add to our celebration.

Anonymous said...

The webpage for the book What Really Happened in Colonial Times shows the excellent artwork depicting the historical characters from the book. This is my favorite thing. Artwork always gets the imagination of my children and myself flying. I like the Pocahontas picture best. She was definately not some alluring adult. She was a preteen, a child and this is nicely shown in your artwork, thank you.

Leslie said...

I love these books! When we studied the Middle Ages, we read What Really Happened During the Middle Ages from cover to cover. I'm excited to see the colonial time period being covered now because that's our next study. The stories are wonderful and the illustrations are beautiful. Thanks for the quality work!

Robin said...

Wow! This would be awesome. We are planning on dressing up in "authentic" dress for Thanksgiving. This would be a great addition.


jeanray said...

This site is great. It gave us the idea of hosting an authentic Thanksgiving feast. We will be having other homeschool friends attending. We ordered the book Thanksgiving Primer. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. The Colonial period is our favorite time period. This book would be a great addition to our Homeschool resources.

katylin said...

I have a 9 year old that absolutely loves history. He has already requested several historical fiction books for Christmas. He would be so excited to get this one.